7 Ways to Improve Air conditioning Efficiency

A key priority is being warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but for this to be achieved, your HVAC system also needs to be in good condition Around 12% of a household’s annual energy costs can be attributed to the air conditioner during the sweltering summer months, and that percentage can rise to 70%.

Homeowners are looking for methods to increase the efficiency of air conditioners while decreasing their costs. You can maintain your house at a pleasant temperature all year round without impacting on budget with the help of HVAC contractors in Phoenix, AZ.

Seven Ways to Improve Air conditioning Efficiency:

Keep Vents Neat and Clean

Clean vents in your HVAC system are essential for maximum HVAC performance because they are influential in spreading cool air throughout your home.

Make sure air moves quickly through your air conditioning system by vacuuming your vents, or it is better to contact air conditioning repair in Phoenix, AZ for vent cleaning. 

Maintain Clear and Unblocked Vents

Do a walkthrough and inspect your vents to determine if anything needs cleaning because a blocked vent might prevent cold airflow.

Consider the following while inspection:

  • Pet hair, dirt, and other debris make the vents seem dirty.
  • Does the filter need to be changed?
  • When was the last time you cleaned the vents?

If you want to keep your system’s air flow consistent, take the time to clear any debris from the inside air supply vents.

Clean the Condenser

Your HVAC system performance will be significantly impacted if the condenser is dirty. Condensers can be challenging to clean; make sure you know what to do or how to do it before you start, or it is better to contact air conditioning repair in Phoenix, AZ for better results.

Upgrade the Attic and Wall Insulation

The energy your unit consumes to cool your home will easily leak outside if your attic and walls are not well insulated. Insulation helps to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer by trapping cool air within your home. Improving your insulation can make it easier for your cooling system to keep your house comfortable and relaxed.

Make your Ductwork Insulated

Your system will be more effective if you add insulation to the area around any exposed ducts in your utility room, basement, or garage. Your summer heating costs can significantly extend if you have open ducts that allow cold air to heat up before reaching the area where you need it.

Increase the Temperature on your Thermostat

You can save money and energy by changing the temperature by five to eight degrees, up in the summer and down in the winter. All you have to do in the cold is raise the thermostat to receive additional heat. And you lower the thermostat when it becomes too warm.

Get the Unit Serviced Before the Summer

Everyone relies on their air conditioner throughout the summer to stay comfortable, but what if it breaks down and stops keeping your home as cool as it should? Before the summer, make an appointment with an HVAC contractor in Phoenix, AZ to inspect your system. Your air conditioning system will last longer with routine maintenance, ultimately costing you less.

Bottom Line

A better-efficiency air conditioner will use less electricity to cool your home quickly. Contact Airpex cooling heating plumbing to improve the effectiveness of your air conditioning unit. Our qualified specialists are prepared to provide you with the services you require with excellence, quickness, and accuracy.