Air Conditioning Repair Services in Phoenix, AZ

The air that comes out of your vents should be cold and pleasant. You know there’s an issue when it seems warm or lukewarm. Although you may need to call an HVAC specialist for AC repair in Phoenix, AZ, the best part is that you can often analyze and repair this problem yourself.

What Should you Do If the Air Conditioning System is Generating Warm Air?

1. Examine the Thermostat

Double-check if you believe your thermostat is correctly set, particularly if you live in a house where others can “tune” the thermostat. It’s probably only the fan on your air conditioner blowing heated air around your home. If your thermostat reads “on,” that means the system’s fan is running.

Even if the interior unit is not cooling, the fan will continue to blow air through the pipes and get it out of the vents. Set your thermostat to “cool” or “auto” to chill and dehumidify your interior air as the fan circulates it.

2. Check that the External Device is Powered On

An air conditioning system is a high-powered equipment, which means it consumes a huge amount of power to run. If there is a brief power spike, your external device may trigger the circuit breaker. Check the circuit breaker board for a faulty switch if your air conditioner produces heated air.

Furthermore, if your air conditioner was recently serviced, the expert most likely shut off the outside unit during the service. The technician may have accidentally turned the outdoor unit back on, so make sure the device receives power by checking the box on the wall outside in front of your unit.

3. Check that Nothing is Obstructing the Exterior Unit

The exterior unit of your air conditioner (the condenser) emits heat. As a result, it requires ventilation on both sides and the top. Ensure there is at least 1 foot of room around the condenser and at least 5 feet of vertical clearance. Remove any grass and trim any bushes or hedges growing against the device.

4. Examine Whether the Air Filter is Clean or not

According to most manufacturers, disposable air filters are useful for 90 days. If you run your air conditioner all day for weeks, that filter will be dirty long before the 90 days are up. If you have pets, the filter will become even more clogged.

Consequently, parts of your air conditioner may overheat, and moisture on the evaporator coil may freeze. A frozen evaporator coil also puts the system’s compressor at risk of overheating and failing.

What If None of These Methods Work?

If the troubleshooting techniques don’t work, you’ll need to hire a professional for air conditioning repair in Phoenix, AZ. At this stage, one of these three issues is most likely to blame for the cooling issue:

  • A refrigerant leak has occurred.
  • The condenser’s fan has stopped working.
  • The system will require a new compressor.

Phoenix’s AC Repair

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