Is a Burning Odor Normal When I Switch on the Heater?

When you eventually turn on your heater after a significant period, you may notice an unpleasant burning odor. While the burning smell from a furnace that hasn’t been turned on in a while is common, the smell can occasionally suggest a serious problem that needs the care of an HVAC professional.

Types of Burning Smells Produced by the Heater

The Smell of Fuel or Oil

It is most common in households that use fuel as a heat source. An oily odor may indicate a leak or blocked filter, but you should never smell oil inside your home! As with any other unusual odors produced by your heating system, turn it off immediately and contact a skilled HVAC expert for furnace repair in Phoenix immediately.

Dusty Smell 

It’s common to smell dust coming from your furnace, especially if it’s the first time you’ve turned on the heat for the year. It is a reality that dust builds up in all areas of our homes. However, if the smell persists, it is best to contact a heating technician to evaluate your system and establish the source of the problem.

Plastic Burn

A burning plastic smell suggests that repairs are required. Something may have entered your system. To minimize further harm and inhalation of unpleasant chemicals, turn off your furnace and contact your local technician for immediate heating repair in Phoenix.

Metallic Odor

You should not ignore an electric or metallic odor coming from the heater. It could be a symptom of an overheated motor blower, leading to more harm. Turn off the heater and contact an HVAC contractor to have it repaired.

The Causes

Dust Collected in the System

Some things can become stuck in the heating system. If you can locate a particular location, something is likely stuck in the vent, generating a burning odor.

Electrical Wiring Errors

If your wiring is faulty, it could result in a broken heat exchanger, overheating the blower motor, and other problems. These serious problems require proper heating installation in Phoenix by a qualified HVAC specialist.

Blocked Air Vents or Heater Filters

It is essential to keep your gas heater in good working order. By eliminating blocked air vents or clogged filters, you can avoid a burning smell from your heating system. The debris and mold can produce a burnt or rotten odor when the furnace is turned on.

When is it Required to Repair a Heater?

Most of the issues described can be resolved. Even after attempting simple remedies, the burning odor does not go away in many cases. When met with such a circumstance, there may be a larger problem with the heater, and you should contact an HVAC professional to inspect the heater and provide a heating replacement in Phoenix if required.

Heating Repairs in Phoenix

To avoid being without heat on a cold Pittsburgh night, it’s essential to keep your system with heating tune-ups every year. Airpex Cooling, Heating & Plumbing is available to maintain and install heating systems to keep you comfortable. To better assist you, we are available 24×7. For experienced furnace repair in Phoenix, call us now.