How Do I Know If My Heat Pump Needs Freon?

Are you facing issues with your heat pump? Is your heat pump failing to maintain an adequate temperature in your home?

One of the solutions to this frequent problem is Freon. The term Freon is used to refer to refrigerants. It is essential as a heat pump is insufficient to cool or heat your home to the proper temperature without it.

Low Freon Levels in a Heat Pump: What Causes Them?

If your heat pump’s refrigerant level is low, there’s likely a leak someplace. Indoor and outdoor units or the copper refrigerant lines that connect them might develop refrigerant leaks. To discover the cause of the leak and repair it, you’ll need to hire a heating installation Glendale, AZ expert.

Let’s start with the indicators that your heat pump is running low on Freon.

  • Uneven and unexpected temperature variations

If your heat pump’s Freon level is low, it will struggle to heat or cool your house to the desired temperature. Consequently, your heat pump may operate longer, and temperature variations or hot or cold areas in your home may occur.

  • The sound of hissing or bubbling

You most likely have a refrigerant leak if you hear hissing or bubbling from your heat pump. A hissing sound indicates that the refrigerant is fleeing as a gas, while a bubbling sound indicates that it is leaking as a liquid. A heating repair in Glendale specialist will need to fix the leak and supply extra refrigerant to your heat pump in any case.

  • Presence of ice on the heat pump

It’s usual to observe a little ice or frost on the outside unit of your heat pump throughout the winter. Your heat pump has a natural defrost cycle that dissolves the frost. Therefore, ice on your heat pump shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes. Low refrigerant levels cause your system’s internal pressure to decrease, lowering the temperature of the refrigerant. The refrigerant might become so cold that ice forms on your heat pump over time.

  • The water is in the vicinity of the indoor unit

Low refrigerant levels, as previously indicated, can cause ice accumulation. You may see a puddle of water around the indoor unit as the ice melts. To establish the source of the leaking water, a specialist should check the heat pump.

Why is it Necessary to Hire a Professional to Fix a Freon Leak?

Refrigerant is housed safely inside your heat pump and causes no health hazards. When refrigerant escapes into the outside air, however, it can create health problems. A professional technician for heating repair in Glendale can securely refill your heat pump with the right quantity of refrigerant and dispose of any split refrigerant.

Do you Suspect your Heat Pump is Low on Freon? It is Time to Schedule an Appointment with Airpex.

Airpex’s technicians can repair and replenish your heat pump’s Freon leak. Our highly skilled heating installation in Glendale, AZ specialists, can promptly locate and repair the cause of your refrigerant leak. Visit our website page for additional information on what to expect when working with us.